Septic Pumping
Daniels Recycling Co., Inc. services the entire Cape Cod area for septic pump out services. Using Daniels Recycling for your septic pump out assures that you are receiving the most comprehensive service available on Cape Cod. Regular pump outs maintain your system integrity and help preserve your homes value. Regular system maintenance also avoids environmental contamination. Daniels Recycling will be sure your yard is perfectly restored before we leave your property. 

Wood Grinding
Daniels Recycling will work on-site and wood grind in order to leave your area stump-free and ready for your new home, lawn, driveway or whatever access point you need. All stumps and tree parts are recycled and ground into mulch or other landscape product for resale. It’s the perfect “green” sustainable process.

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Portable Toilet Rentals
Daniels Recycling provides portable sanitary facilities for residential and commercial customers. You can be assured that the portable toilet delivered from Daniels Recycling is the ultimate in cleanliness and functionality. Your guests, customers and workers deserve no less.

Depending on the event or circumstance, Daniels recycling will accommodate your needs. From a builder’s work site to a large black tie event, festival, tournament or wedding, you can rely on Daniels Recycling to provide units including seat covers, paper refills, mirrors, anti-bacterial hand cleansers, and door locks.

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This is ALL Hardwood from the big woods of Northern New Hampshire, delivered right here to Orleans. All logs have been seasoned for a minimum of 2 years and are professionally processed to order. They go from full log length, cut, split and tumbled ( to knock any loose debris off ) and into the truck out for delivery. This asures you the cleanest wood available. It is then stock piled here on a concrete pad to keep all dirt out of the mix.

The wood is cut to an industry standard 14″. If you would like a custom length, I can make that happen as well. Call today and set up your delivery.

Municipal Services
Daniels Recycling provides services to most municipal transfer stations on Cape Cod. If you represent a local municipality and are interested in opening a contractual dialogue, please contact us today.

Cat Rescue
We included this to see if you were paying attention. It’s representative of our attitude and commitment to our customers. If you asked us, we’d probably save your cat in a tree. When we say Daniels Recycling is dedicated to serving our customers, we really mean it!